Trail Marathon Time!

So what do you do if you suddenly find that you’ve booked a trail marathon for your summer challenge?

THEN what do you do if you realise that it’s only 8 weeks away…   OPTIONS:
1.  Tell everybody then you can’t get out of it?
2.  Quickly book a holiday so you can get out of it without losing face?
3.  Convince yourself that you can always drop down to the half marathon on the day?
4.  Have a moment of common sense and re-book for the half marathon?
5.  Think – ‘I’m young, I’ll recover quickly’

If it’s any or none of those then you’ve always got the time to get a good and solid 8 week plan in place as it will minimise your chance of race-limiting injury and give some structure to your run training.   Saving TIME is your key priority with limited preparation.

The plan below comes from Brutal Running Events, and these guys know a thing or two about challenging runs and how to prepare for them in the most efficient and time-effective way.   Those of you that have just entered for the Hampshire Hoppit in June  need to go straight to week 9.   You’re looking at 3-4 runs per week now and the good news is that the New Energy Running session counts as one of your intervals/hills sessions.

Make sure you book some strength and flexibility work into your week and think about your nutrition as part of your training.   If you want to book a personal training session, a specific running session or sports massage – there are plenty of different options.

REMEMBER – look after your body and will look after you!

Happy running everybody!

trail running marathon pdf_Page_1.pngtrail running marathon pdf_Page_2.png

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